Saturday, September 3

Did You know?- Height is Taller in Every Morning than Every Night!

There are many people out there who do not believe too much in the growth in height of the morning but it is scientifically proven. So we'll give a little experiment to do.

"Increase Height Exercise"

Do and realize height growth itself in the morning! Here is the experiment:

#1: You can sleep without a pillow face up eight to ten hours.

#2: Do step 1 will decompress the spine. 

#3: Measure the height just before going to sleep, and measure their height just after getting up, and to compare the You will find that there can be a difference as much as 1-2 inches in height between these two times.

Now the question is how can we grow taller in the morning, what is the concept behind it? Or say, how does it work? Or how it is produced?

This is possible due to our spine. In simple terms, it is the pressure on the discs of the spine that stops a person from growing to its full potential height. Did you know that if you can remove pressure from the spinal disks, you can immediately give you an increase in height of 1-2 inches. 

The same concept applies here resulting in lower altitudes throughout the day to night and gaining higher up in the morning. Then the image of the backbone of our body is shown.

There is a proper sleeping posture is needed to follow in order to see this increase in height of the morning. Here I will mention shortly.


In order to see the effect of increasing the maximum height of the morning, we need to develop correct posture and sleeping habits.

Then the right way of sleeping and incorrect sleeping represented schematically.


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